Scaling SaaS Operations

SSO: 034 - A conversation with Chris Younger, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Class VI Partners.

May 26, 2021 Chris Younger Episode 34
Scaling SaaS Operations
SSO: 034 - A conversation with Chris Younger, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Class VI Partners.
Show Notes

Chris Younger is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Class VI Partners, a financial services firm focused exclusively on business owners.  Class VI providers exit planning, investment banking and wealth management services for mid-market business owners.  Chris was trained as an attorney at Harvard Law School and started his career with the largest law firm in Silicon Valley doing corporate and securities work.  In 2005 Chris co-founded Class VI Partners to help entrepreneurs maximize the return on their investment of time and money.  Class VI created the innovative CoPilot online business assessment which
helps business owners see their business through the eyes of professional investors.
Chris is also the co-author of "Harvest: The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Company.”
In this episode:

1.  Chris shares his insights on which metrics investors examine when evaluating SaaS companies.  Key metrics Chris reviews include: LTC, CAC, Churn Rate, Net Churn Rate and Incremental Gross Margin. 

2. Chris shares with our audience the CoPilot assessment tool that was built to help business owners with exit planning.  It's a comprehensive tool (120 questions across 7 different categories) and takes about 30 minutes to complete.  The report takes approximately a day to generate and incldues many observations, areas where your business can mitigate risks and how your business compares to peers.   Click here to take the CoPilot Assessment.

3. One of the areas reviewed in the CoPilot assessment is "inability to scale".  Chris shares why this is an important area for companies to focus on.  Scaling is dependent on many factors such as team size and experience, systems, defined processes  - all important to investors when evaluating whether a company is prepared to support growth.

4. Chris discusses exit planning strategies and decisions that every business owner should consider early in the life of the business.

5. Chris describes some of the trends in SaaS investment which include focusing on establishing some key metrics to make your company attractive to investors.

...and much more!

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