Scaling SaaS Operations

SSO: 052 - A conversation with Skyler Reeves, CEO and Founder of Ardent Growth

September 29, 2021 Skyler Reeves Episode 52
Scaling SaaS Operations
SSO: 052 - A conversation with Skyler Reeves, CEO and Founder of Ardent Growth
Show Notes

Skyler Reeves is the founder and CEO of Ardent Growth. Prior to earning degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy from MSU he served as a combat medic in the Iraq war.
He was the CMO of RunDoyen, where he took their conversion rate from 2.2% on their lead form to 18.5% in his first 30 days and doubled their revenue in the first quarter. He later went on to found Ardent Growth in 2019. His primary passion is content marketing where he can blend his passion for data and creativity into one.

After being frustrated with most approaches to hub & spoke content he began developing a way to algorithmically determine how topic clusters should be structured to align with both search engines and user journeys.

His primary focus is on content intelligence — determining exactly which content should be created for websites, how to group it together using topic clustering, and prioritize it based off of financial modeling.

His latest pursuit is helping companies save money in the long run by bringing content marketing and outreach in-house by finding, hiring, and training marketers on how to develop strategy and manage processes.

In this episode:

1. Skyler talks about Ardent Growth and how they help large B2B enterprise and SaaS companies deliver high-quality content marketing who want a clear path to ROI with financial modeling.  We also talk about outbound marketing strategy for startups, which include developing brand and focusing on building relationships with people.

2. Skyler talks about his journey to scaling his agency.  He talks about the importance of documenting processes, empowering his team to document the processes for their job
and the tools that helps the team maintain SOPs. 

3. Skyler shares his lessons learned, mainly around delegating and managing your own time. Getting the right people in the right seats as past as possible regardless of your profitability to create a more sustainable business in the long run.

..Skyler talks about market trends in SaaS, what's next for Ardent Growth and much more!

For more information, visit Ardent Growth or connect with Skyler on Twitter and LinkedIn.